By Jaroslav Holman

This catalog offers host lists of specific aphid species within the Palaearctic zone in accordance with released info and greater than 2,400 of the author’s unpublished host documents, with respective references prepared by way of geographical provenance. The publication comprises separate lists of aphids dwelling on specific vegetation, prepared in alphabetical order of plant households and genera, individually for mosses, ferns, gymnosperms, dicotyledons and monocotyledons.

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Fabaceae) TAJ: Blackm08, Narz27 Sophora mollis R. G RAH . ) supranubius C ARNERO & N IETO NAFRÍA , 1995 Spartocytisus supranubius (L. ) thracicum TASHEV, 1962 Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) BG: Tash20, Tash25 Euphorbia epithymoides L. (Euphorbiaceae) CZ: Holm09, Holm43, Starý04; SK: Holm09, Rem43 Euphorbia platyphyllos L. ) titovi M ORDVILKO , 1932 NOMEN NUDUM Papaver somniferum L. ) vandenboschi H ILLE R IS L AMBERS , 1974 Cirsium (Asteraceae) JP: Miyaz06 Cirsium japonicum DC. ) vasilijevi M ORDVILKO , 1915 Cucurbita pepo L.

Pinaceae) CN-SE: Blackm08 Picea obovata L EDEB . (Pinaceae) UK: Blackm08, Dmitr01 Picea pungens E NGELM . (Pinaceae) EU-CTR: Blackm08; EU-N: Blackm08; KIR: Gabrid01 Picea schrenkiana F ISCH . & M EY. (Pinaceae) KIR: Gabrid01; SINE: Blackm08 Adelges laricis laricis VALLOT, 1836 Larix (Pinaceae) DK: Heie17, Heie18; KOR: Sze42; LAT: Rup09 Larix decidua M ILL . ) K UZEN . ) C ARR . (Pinaceae) BE: Schout01; BG: Tash25; CH: Lamp03; CR: Jane07, Jane08, Jane10; DE: Gleiss03, Steff06; DK: Heie11, Heie17; EU-CTR: Börn08; FI: Heie12; GB: Wood05; IT: Cov02; JP: Hig02; KAZ: Shap09; LAT: Rup01, Rup09; PL: ´ Achr01, Karw01, Sliwa01, Sze14, Sze31, Sze36; RO: Holm37; SINE: Blackm08; SK: Pas05; SL: Jane11; SM: Jane06; SW: Ossn07, Ossn10, Ossn15; UK: Dmitr01; UK-CR: Bozh16 Larix laricina (D UROI ) C.

Pinaceae) JP: Blackm08 Abies forrestii C. C. ROGERS (Pinaceae) SINE: Blackm08 Abies fraseri (P URSH ) P OIR . (Pinaceae) SINE: Blackm08 Abies grandis (D OUGL . EX D. D ON ) L INDL . (Pinaceae) EU-CTR: Börn08; GB: Blackm08; SINE: Blackm08 Abies koreana W ILS . ) N UTT. ) M ATTEI (Pinaceae) SINE: Blackm08 Abies nordmanniana (S TEVEN ) S PACH (Pinaceae) IT-SIC: Patti04, Roberti02; LAT: Rup01, Rup09; SINE: Blackm08; SW: Ossn07, Ossn10 Abies obovata L EDEB . (Pinaceae) RF-SW: Ivan24 Abies procera R EHD .

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