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What you are doing is you're helping them explore their own mind whilst they're helping you to do research. That's a tremendous frame or position to be coming from in terms of the relationship that that 32 How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear ©Street Hypnosis All Rights Reserved How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear – Transcript Manual creates. We'll talk more about different frames you can present to people in the next session, for now I just want to give you a sense of how meeting strangers, in a point of contact like a hobby, can be a wonderful resource of meeting new people, meeting people you actually practice with.

So now you've seeing the first warm up session. Those of you who really thought about the whole hypnotic principles and stuff we talked about earlier the Hypnotic Context, the ABS Formula, and so on. You may have noticed that we focus specifically on the one part of those principles. It's the A part of the formula the Attention getting. All of the things you saw me do with Danielle here were entirely about getting her attention to move in certain ways. Now as it happens because of that, we got the B and the S part of the formula as well, critical factor being bypass increasingly, we'll talk more about that in a later video, how that happened and why that happened, and we got some unconscious material being stimulated, specifically changes in physical awareness, the comfort in the body, the warmth in the body, the heaviness in the body, and of course the memory that she's putting her attention into.

Danielle: Yes. Igor: Very good. Excellent. So this tells me some very good things about your mind, you've got a good mind, naturally that's what happens, and it's something we can really work with here. So the next step then, is we want to play on the attention and see if we can do more with it. So already you 53 How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear ©Street Hypnosis All Rights Reserved How To Practice Hypnosis Without Fear – Transcript Manual notice that when you sit there and you close your eyes the attention focuses in, correct?

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