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The meaning is that you are, in the presence of Vajrasatva, acknowledging and laying aside all of your faults and breakages regarding vows that you have taken and all of your degrading actions and obscurations in general and are requesting purification from Vajrasatva. Then recite the next verse in order to receive confirmation of the purification, “Through praying in that way … Confirm4 me …” 3 Translator’s note: The Tibetan text says “admit and lay aside”. To clear off degrading actions it is necessary to not hide them, hence they have to be admitted, but only to admit one’s faults is not enough, they have to be put down and left behind as well, hence they have to be “admitted and laid aside”.

The practice of guru yoga in this text has three levels to it: outer, inner, and secret. That there are three levels like this is not a reflection of the guru’s actual condition, rather, it is a reflection of our rational mind with its need for accomplishing things by stages. In other words, because we have three levels of mind to be accomplished then it seems as though there are three types of guru to be accomplished and hence three levels of guru yoga practice are apparent. The outer level of guru is accomplished by the practice of supplicating the guru.

Then there is the practice of secret guru yoga which is, in fact, the practice of the main part. ” and visualize that the guru dissolves into you. Your body mixes inseparably with the guru’s enlightened body; your speech mixes inseparably with the guru’s enlightened speech; and your mind mixes inseparable with the guru’s enlightened mind. Your mind having become the unfabricated dharmakaya, stay in equipoise on that. This is the meditation of the main part (that is, when you have completed the preliminary four sets of one hundred thousand, this is the main practice that you will do).

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