By J. van den Berg, Harry Kesten (auth.), Vladas Sidoravicius (eds.)

For greater than twenty years percolation concept, random walks, interacting parti­ cle platforms and themes relating to statistical mechanics have skilled inten­ sive progress. within the final numerous years, particularly impressive growth has been made in a few instructions, akin to: Wulff structures above dimen­ sions for percolation, Potts and Ising types, category of random walks in random environments, higher figuring out of fluctuations in dimen­ sional progress strategies, the creation and memorable makes use of of the Stochastic Loewner Equation, the rigorous derivation of actual intersection exponents for planar Brownian movement, and at last, the facts of conformal invariance for crit­ ical percolation scaling limits at the triangular lattice. It was once therefore a fortuitous time to assemble researchers, together with many in my opinion chargeable for those advances, within the framework of the IVth Brazilian college of likelihood, held at Mambucaba on August 14-19,2000. this faculty, first expected and arranged through IMPA's likelihood staff in 1997, has considering that built into an annual assembly with a nearly consistent structure: it always bargains 3 complicated classes brought through trendy scientists, mixed with a high-level convention. This quantity comprises invited articles linked to that assembly, and we are hoping it's going to give you the reader with a correct impact in regards to the present scenario in those very important fields of chance theory.

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T/2. C 3 > 0 such E{A;_L1(u,v)}adu)adv - y)1 + Clb. -li(d)C 2 . 5) Proof. This lemma corresponds with Lemma 13 in [BK] and can be proven in a similar (but easier) way; o(d) comes from Lemma 12 in [BKJ, which is a lemma about independent random walks and is valid for any d 2': 3. [C 3 VC d (l-e)/2]. 9 and its old analogue, Lemma 10 in [BK]. 1. Let d ~ 3. Choose ,6. 1. 2 then show that there exists some ( = ((d) E (0, (l-7])i5(d) 1\ 7] 1\ K/2) and some constant C3 < 00 such that I:, E(t) + ~ q(y)D(y) ~ E{ A;_~(u, v)}a~(v)a~(v - y) I<: C,C'- '.

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5) this yields I:t E(t) + C(d)E 2(t)1 :::; C7 C 2-( :::; CsC( E2(t), t ~ 1. 18)). Acknowledgements. JvdB thanks the Erwin Schrodinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics in Vienna for its support and hospitality during a one-month visit in early 2001. References [1] R. Arratia, Limiting point processes for rescalings of coalescing and annihilating random walks on Zd, Ann. , 9 (1981), 909-936. Arratia, Site recurrence for annihilating random walks on Zd, Ann. , 11 (1983),706-713. [3] J.

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