By Ala Al-Hamarneh, Jorn Thielmann

Within the eu discourse of put up Sept. 11 truth, innovations reminiscent of "Multiculturalism," "Integration" and "European Islam" have gotten increasingly more topical. The empirically- established contributions during this quantity goal to mirror the diversity of present Muslim social practices and life-worlds in Germany. the amount is going past the fragmented tools of minority case reviews and the monolithic view of Muslims as portrayed through mass media to give clean theoretical techniques and in-depth analyses of a wealthy mosaic of groups, cultures and social practices. problems with politics, faith, society, economics, media, artwork, literature, legislation and gender are addressed. the result's a colourful cutting-edge e-book of experiences of real-life groups and participants. participants are Kilian Balz, Kea Eilers, Friedmann Eissler, Konrad Hirschler, Jeanette S. Jouili, Melanie Kamp, Matthias Kulinna, Judith Pies, Claudia Preckel, Robert Putz, Mathias Rohe, Sabine Schiffer, Verena Schreiber, Christoph Schumann+, Wolfgang G. Schwanitz, Clara Seitz, Faruk Şen, Viola Shafik, Yafa Shanneik, Martin Sokefeld, Margrete Sovik, Levent Tezcan, Jorn Thielmann, Nikola Tietze and Maria Wurm. This ebook can be to be had in paperback.

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Schirin/Salvatore, Armando. 2003. Gender, Generation, and the Reform of Tradition. From Muslim Majority Societies to Western Europe. In Muslim Networks and Transnational Communities in and across Europe. Edited by Stefano Allievi and Jørgen S. Nielsen. Leiden: E. J. Brill: 52–77. Baumgartner-Karabak, Andrea/Landesberger, Gisela. 1978. Die verkauften Bräute. Türkische Frauen zwischen Kreuzberg und Anatolien. Reinbek: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag. Baumann, Maria Elisabeth. 2003. Frauenwege zum Islam: Analyse religiöser Lebensgeschichten deutscher Muslimas.

The imam has to take care of order and to make the community transparent and accountable. Thus, the ascribed pastoral power is immediately linked to the modern security dispositif. Tezcan turns our attention to the mosque association as a unique phenomenon in Islamic history, because a mosque is normally simply a place for praying, without membership. In Germany, the mosque becomes a social, cultural and political unit along ideological lines. Where on the Muslim side there is so far no centre—Tezcan mentions the attempts of three umbrella organisations to form a centre which in March 2007 eventually led to the establishment of the Koordinierungsrat der Muslime in Deutschland KRM, then including the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland), the Islamic Council for the Federal Republic of Germany (Islamrat für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland), DİTİB, and VIKZ—, the request for a central organisation by the political and public discourse cannot be ignored.

Muslime in Deutschland. Nebeneinander oder Miteinander?. Freiburg, Basel, Wien: Herder. Tezcan, Levent. 2003. Das Islamische in den Studien zu Muslimen in Deutschland. In Zeitschrift für Soziologie 32, 3/2003: 237–261. ——. 2006. Interreligiöser Dialog und politische Religionen. In Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 28–29/10. Juli 2006: 26–32. Thomä-Venske, Hanns. 1981. Islam und Integration. Zur Bedeutung des Islam im Prozeß der Integration türkischer Arbeiterfamilien in die Gesellschaft der Bundesrepublik.

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