By Marilyn Jenkins

Собрание произведений из стекла (Исламский мир) из музея The Metropolitan Museum of paintings

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F. _t^^. r~ - . ,. :,.. ,:,~. 12 ~4SA (xe~C2 qr- Ctt ~ itr s. 6ri r . *- <.. ,^ 39 47 Late Medieval Glass MID-THIRTEENTH TOFIFTEENTH CENTURY As we have seen, the EarlyMedievalperiodwitnessed the tentativebeginning and earlydevelopmentof enamel painting on glass. Therewas a furtherflorescence of the techniqueduringthe succeeding period,when artisansproduced some of the most luxuriousglass objects ever made in the Islamicworld. AI-Qazwini (d. 1283),a famousArabcosmographerand geographer,attested to the fact thatthis glass was a legend even in its owntime:he wrotethatin the thirteenth centuryone of the wondersof Aleppowas its glass bazaarfilledwithso many"tasteful"objects,whichwere exportedwidely,thata visitorto the suq (marketplace)did notwantto leave it.

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BOTTLE. Mold-blown andfree-blownandtooled, pontilon base. H. 12 in. EdwardC. MooreCollection,Bequestof EdwardC. 1557) 57. Mold-blown tooledwithappliedthreaddecorationandfoot,pontilon base. H. EdwardC. Moore Collection,Bequestof EdwardC. 1600) 58. Free-blown andtooledwith flowersand appliedthreaddecoration,pontil lampwork on base. Iran(Shiraz),19thcenturyH. 260) HenryG. Marquand, andfree-blownandtooled, 59. BOTTLE. Mold-blown pontilon base. H. Gift of J. 829) andfree-blownandtooledwith 60. Mold-blown appliedthreaddecoration,handleand spout,pontilon base.

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