By M. A. Khan

The assaults of September eleven, 2001, replaced the best way the area appears at Islam. And rightfully so, in line with M.A. Khan, a former Muslim who left the faith after figuring out that it truly is in accordance with pressured conversion, imperialism, and slavery: the first calls for of Jihad, commanded by way of the Islamic God Allah. during this groundbreaking publication, Khan demonstrates that Prophet Muhammad meticulously those erroneous ideas and confirmed the perfect template of Islamic Jihad for his destiny fans to pursue, and that Muslims were perpetuating the cardinal rules of Jihad ever considering that. discover the real nature of Islam, really its doctrine of Jihad, and what it capacity to the trendy international, and likewise know about The center tenets of Islam and its heritage The propagation of Islam through strength and different ability Islamic propaganda Arab-Islamic imperialism Islamic slavery and slave-trade and masses extra! The instructions of Allah are perpetual in nature, so are the activities of Prophet Muhammad. Jihad has been the best way to win converts to Islam considering that its beginning fourteen centuries in the past, and it will not switch each time quickly. discover why in Islamic Jihad.

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When Muhammad was apprized of the determination of the Quraysh, he stopped and set up tents at a place called Hudaybiya. He sent forth a message to Mecca that he had come only to perform pilgrimage peacefully and then would return to Medina. Muhammad was determined to perform the pilgrimage to which the Quraysh were adamantly opposed. Given consideration to Muhammad’s military power and capacity to engage in cruelty and bloodbath, the Quraysh decided to negotiate with him in order to avoid a bloody confrontation.

It becomes clear from the drama of the satanic verses [Quran 53:19–20], the plot of Salman Rushdie’s novel. xxiv After the Hudaybiya treaty in 628, the Quraysh again allowed Muhammad and his entourage to enter the Ka’ba for three days every year to perform the pilgrimage (see below). Now, let us consider a similar hypothetical situation in present-day context: Suppose a man from any community of Mecca, or elsewhere in Saudi Arabia, or from anywhere in the world, goes to Mecca and declares in front of an assembly of Muslims that he has received revelations from the true God; that he is the true messenger; that Islam is false; that the Ka’ba is the sanctuary of his own God; and that Muslims should abandon their false creed and embrace his new religion.

It is probably because, according to verse 2:193 (also 8:39), the Quran was revealed by Allah, the supreme Creator, as the supreme book of law and justice, which must prevail over all religions. Hence, a rejection or opposition to it—which exactly was the Quraysh’s reaction to Muhammad’s creed—could constitute fitnah in the judgement of Muhammad and Allah. ’ Thus, a simple rejection of the Islamic religion constituted tumult, oppression and tyranny, which in turn was deemed worse than slaughter in the eyes of Allah and His Apostle.

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