By Devin R. Springer

Jihadist ideology evokes a various and decentralized number of radical teams to struggle alleged enemies of Islam and to try to revive - a holy caliphate to unite Muslim peoples around the heart East, Africa, and Asia. "Islamic Radicalism and worldwide Jihad" offers particular insights into the philosophical foundations, strategic imaginative and prescient, organizational dynamics, and strategies of the trendy jihadist circulation - with particular recognition to its basic motive force, Al-Qa'ida.Springer, Regens, and Edger draw seriously on Arabic language resources seldom noticeable within the West to provide an explanation for what jihadists wish and the way radical thinkers have distorted the lessons of Islam to persuade fans to pursue terrorism as a spiritual accountability. With subtle and systematic research, the authors lead their readers on a desirable highbrow trip in the course of the differing principles, objectives, and vulnerabilities of the jihadist stream because it has advanced over the years. The authors additionally impart knowledge from their very own specialist adventure with terrorism, counterinsurgency, and intelligence to supply students, scholars, counterterrorism pros, and normal readers with this available review of key radical Islamic thinkers and contemporary jihadists.

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Algeria’s Downward Spiral Since 1991, Algeria has been plagued with jihadist-related violence of varying intensity. The experiences of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) have been studied by jihadist strategists worldwide as a case study that offers valuable lessons about what not to do. After the secular Algerian government lost a majority of seats in the National Assembly to the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), the Algerian military canceled the second round of elections in 1991, which the FIS was certain to win, and banned religious political parties.

Following three years at Dar al-Ulem, a teacher-training institute, Qutb graduated and went on to work at the Ministry of Public Instruction, where he drafted many proposals for school reform in Egypt. Qutb began writing journals, essays, and novels, some of which were politically based primarily in support of the Wafd party. Qutb abandoned his party affiliation in 1945 out of frustration with Wafd due to its corruption and the softening of its anti-British-colonialism position. Politics 34 CHAPTER 1 in Egypt during this time was pretty chaotic, and the people—not only Qutb—were losing faith in Wafd, which increasingly was seen as corrupt and unable to respond to the needs of the people.

Qutb’s ideas in the book were shaped by the writings of Ibn-Taymiyyah, Rida, and Mawdudi. According to Qutb, the West and other secularized societies were demonized and portrayed as legitimate targets for believers to attack since these societies were viewed as enemies of Islam: The jahili society is any society other than the Muslim society; and if we want a more specific definition, we may say that any society is a jahili PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONS 35 society which does not dedicate itself to submission to God alone, in its beliefs and ideas, in its observances of worship, and in its legal regulations.

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