By Angela Phillips

Journalism in Context is an obtainable advent to the speculation and perform of journalism in a altering international. The booklet seems on the approach during which strength flows via media firms influencing not just what newshounds decide to current to their audiences yet how they current it after which in flip what their audiences do with it.

Using examples from internationally, in addition to from her personal learn, Angela Phillips makes use of them to provide an explanation for advanced theoretical ideas. She invitations readers to think about how information is stimulated by way of the tradition from which it emerges, in addition to how it is paid for and the way diverse nations have approached the matter of making sure that democracy is served through its media, instead of being undermined by way of it.

Journalism has constantly been an early adopter of recent applied sciences and the latest adjustments are tested within the mild of a background within which, even though structures stick with it altering, journalism regularly survives. The questions raised listed here are vital for all scholars of journalism and all those that think that journalism matters.

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Hannah Arendt, one of the most important political philosophers of the post-war years, wrote: [C]onsiderably more than the whims of historians would be needed to eliminate from the record the fact that on the night of August 4, 1914, German troops crossed the frontier of Belgium; it would require no less than a power monopoly over the entire civilized world. But such a power monopoly is far from being inconceivable, and it is not difficult to imagine what the fate of factual truth would be if power interests, national or social, had the last say in these matters.

In some countries (particularly in Southern Europe) serious newspapers were until recently dependent on a degree of subsidy from political parties. Even where direct subsidy is declining political allegiance is still the norm (Hallin and Mancini 2004). These newspapers are clearly being used ‘ideologically’ – their purpose is to promote a particular view. Inevitably, some fail and go bankrupt, some do reasonably well, and one or two manage to hit the jackpot. Typically, commodities compete on price as well as product ‘differentiation’: the company that can drop the price lowest will benefit, and that company will usually be either the biggest and most able to make economies of scale or the most ruthless at cutting corners and trimming costs.

The decision to report, rather than ignore, the choice of who to speak to and the sources who are chosen as authoritative and therefore given precedence, is a process which produces power as well as reflecting it. This approach recognizes the routines and structures used for producing news reports under pressure, but also critiques the way in which the methods pre-structure the contents, in a way that almost inevitably reproduces power relationships. Later, post-modern or cultural studies approaches look beyond structure and work routines, suggesting that even the attempt to produce neutral news is flawed.

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