By Ibn al-Arabi

Journey to the Lord of energy is the 1st English translation of Ibn 'Arabi's twelfth-century textual content facing non secular ascent. 'Arabi, whose metaphysical teachings have had a profound impression on either the Muslim and Christian worlds, is called one of many maximum writers of mystical love poetry of all time.

Written in solution to the questions of a pal, this illuminating consultant describes the evolutionary course of our larger non secular aspirations--the quest for the last word truth, the adventure towards God. it really is mainly taken with religious retreat, a sophisticated and in all probability risky Sufi perform that goals on the attainment of the Presence of God via absolute abandonment of the realm. knowing the imagination's misleading strength, 'Arabi warns that this way of retreat shouldn't be undertaken other than on the order of a sheikh or by means of one that has mastered the self. each one degree of the adventure is followed through a temptation that are triumph over simply by means of an unshakable wish for God.

'Arabi explains each one step of the ascent top towards human perfection. during this perilous voyage of self-discovery, the reader will come upon the geographical regions of the mineral, vegetable, and animal worlds, ultimately achieving the Gardens and the Throne of Mercy. The visitor of the Sufi mystic direction is termed upon to cleanse his or her middle so that it will correctly achieve the ultimate destination--the Lord of energy

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And if you do not stop with this beckoning, a light is revealed in which you do not see anything other than yourself. In it a great rapture and deep transport of love seizes you, and in it you find bliss with God that you have not known before. 2 1 And if you do not stop with this, He reveals the [original] forms of the sons of Adam. And veils are lifted. 23 You see your form among them, and from it you recognize the moment which you are in. And if you do not stop with this, He reveals to you the Throne of Mercy (sarir al-rabmaniyya).

There is no straight line. This letter is too brief to deal with matters like these. And if you do not stop with this, He reveals to you the 40 The One who plans and rules the universe and all that happens therein. The generous Pardoner of repentant sinners, the Benefactor without conditions. JOURNEY TO THE LORD OF POWER degrees of speculative sciences, sound integral ideas, and the forms of perplexing questions which confuse understanding. He reveals the difference between supposition and know­ ledge, the birth of possibilities between the world of spirits and the physical world, 1 7 the cause of that genesis, the infusion of the Divine Mystery into the domain of His loving concern, 1 8 the cause of abandoning the world by effort or otherwise­ and other related matters which require long explanations.

And if you do not stop with this, He reveals to you the world of jealousy and the unveiling of the Truth before the more perfect of His faces; sound opinions, true schools, and revealed traditions; and you will see as a knower that God Most High has adorned them, among the holy knowledges, with the most beautiful adornments. And there is nothing that pertains to a station which He reveals to you that does not greet you with honor, reverence, and exaltation; its degree of the Divine Presence is made clear to you, and [ each one] loves you in its essence.

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