By Don Nardo

Discusses the clinical discovery and improvement of using excessive depth gentle, referred to as laser, and its use in our day-by-day lives.

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Ordinary light could never have made it to the moon mirror and back, whereas laser light did quite easily. Properties of Laser Light The photons of laser light are collimated. In other words, they all travel from the laser in the same direction. Laser light is also coherent, meaning that all the waves in a laser beam have the same wave pattern. These properties make laser light more intense than ordinary light and allow it to travel long distances. Ordinary light waves scatter in all directions from their source.

Once it spots one, the ABL platform—a militarized 747 freighter filled with lasers for ranging, targeting, and attack—will get a lock on the target. When the missile rises above the clouds, the ABL will focus a beam of light 15 inches in diameter on the missile’s skin. The skin will heat up and rupture, causing the volatile materials inside to explode. Debris—and the missile warhead— will rain down on the nation that launched it. This, it is thought, will serve as a deterrent to the use of . .

Over the years, researchers repeatedly found that, for the time and money required to build them, ordinary rifles would be more effective handheld weapons than lasers. For a long time, lasers that could shoot down planes or satellites seemed more promising. And that use of laser weapons remains the most sought-after today. A laser device capable of shooting down a missile also will need to be quite large, but this may not be an obstacle considering that it will not have to be handheld. More problematic is the nature of the lasing medium, the chemical components that produce the laser beam.

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