By Robert Jordan

Au Shayol Ghul, le Ténébreux œuvre à ses projets il ressuscite dans le plus grand mystery deux âmes, l'une
dans un corps de femme Aran'gar, l'autre dans un corps d'homme, Osan'gar, et les dote du Pouvoir avant de les envoyer à l. a. rencontre du Dragon Réincarné. Au cœur de los angeles cité de Caemlyn, le fake Dragon, Mazrim Taim, doté lui aussi du Pouvoir, offre de s'allier à Rand. Celui-ci ne l'accepte qu'à situation qu'il mette sur pied une armée d'hommes capables de canaliser - Rand veut pouvoir lutter à armes égales contre los angeles journey Blanche dirigée par l'Amyrlin Elaida, son ennemie jurée. Le temps des alliances est venu. Les Aes Sedai, réfugiées à Salidar, vont-elles se plier à l. a. culture et se rallier à Elaida ou soutenir Rand ? Le Dragon Réincarné parviendra-t-il à faire l'unanimité autour de Lui à l'heure où les Aes Sedai de los angeles travel Blanche et celles de Salidar s'apprêtent à choisir leur camp ? Voici le onzième quantity de los angeles Roue du Temps. Cette saga magistrale et véritable best-seller a fait de Robert Jordan l'auteur le plus suivi par les amateurs de delusion à travers le monde.

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He beat his decayed wings and the wind of Cania answered with gusts. The cold cut through Cale’s protective spell. The archdevil’s voice was as gelid as the plain. “All here is mine, shade, even the shadows. You will never leave here. Your lot is to be punished. ” Cale did not bother to deny the archdevil’s claim. He instead said, “We will hurt you first. ” “Hurt you so you remember it,” Riven added. Unholy power, dark and cold, flared around Mephistopheles’s form. “Do not,” Magadon said, and Cale was not certain if he was speaking to his father or his comrades.

He snapped the book shut and smiled. ” Mephistopheles flicked his wrist and the book disappeared in a puff of foul-smelling smoke. He looked over to Magadon, who was once more whole, but prone on all fours, slick with gore, and coughing. The archdevil moved to Magadon’s side, grabbed him by the arm, and jerked him to his feet. “No more,” Magadon said in a broken voice. ” To Cale, Mephistopheles said, “What’s left of him is yours. But if you renege, I will destroy utterly what I have taken and come for the rest.

The archdevil stepped back so that Cale and Riven could see everything. Black energy pooled around father and son. Magadon screamed. The archdevil, as tall as a titan, laid Magadon across his palm and stabbed him in the abdomen with the tip of one of his dagger-sized claws. Blood poured from Magadon’s torso; he wailed with pain as the devil opened his body. “No! No! ” Cale struggled against the enchantment that held him immobile, felt around the edges of the magic and tried to slip the chains of the spell.

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