By Idries Shah

With questions and examples, this paintings exhibits how conventional Sufi suggestions can unravel social, mental and non secular techniques. It deals the technique of ourselves and our associations in a brand new manner.

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So important is this lesson that it can be said to go before all others: in the sense that failure to know this can prevent you from learning more - and can leave you attached to the externals of hypocrites. This includes, of course, unconscious hypocrites. If the Sufis are right in their claim that time affects behaviour, and that personal appearance should change (and even temperament) then obviously all the people who cultivate a reverend appearance, and all those who acquire it, mistaking this for spirituality, are wrong.

2. Adopted by indoctrination or obsession. 3. Affected as a temporary or superficial measure to signal to those who can perceive only this aspect. The task of the teacher and the student is to get beyond the appearance as soon and as completely as possible. SERVICE It is on this subject that Saadi of Shiraz wrote the poem, in his Bostan, 'The Orchard': The Path is not other than the service of the people: It is not in the rosary, the prayer-rug and the dervish robe. 60 W H A T A S A I N T IS A N D DOES Saintlincss, which superficialists identify with what are too often superficial actions and appearance, lies, as Saadi reminds us, in the service of the people.

Now Shaqiq asked the Caliph to reflect why he valued his kingdom so highly, when it was something which could be given away in return for a drink of water, which itself does not stay with one. People assume, like the Caliph, that they have something of value and that by giving some of it away they can gain something of even greater value. They tend, too, to offer not what they have to get rid of, but something which they can give because they want to. Therein lies the genesis of trade, and a desirable thing it is, too - if confined to trade.

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