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Htm (32 of 54)7/20/2006 1:17:41 Manual For Buglers, US Navy 10. —Routine—sounded as a signal to call the band to quarterdeck or any other previously designated position. It is most frequently heard following Full Guard or Guard of the Day when colors are being saluted or honors presented. 11. —Routine—sounded as a signal to indicate haste in obeying a previous order or call. 12. —Routine—sounded as a signal to countermand or revoke a previous call or order. If necessary, the previous call should be repeated, followed immediately by Belay.

Routine—sounded as a signal for assembly of a working party.

Routine—sounded as a signal to call away a motor launch. The particular motor launch desired may be designated by C-note blasts. 78. —Routine—this call is sounded five minutes before a moving picture is to begin. 79. —Routine—sounded as a notification for all officers to report to the commanding officer or at some designated point. This call is also frequently employed as a signal for divisions to assemble at morning quarters for muster. In such cases it is sounded five minutes before assembly time.

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