By Art Silverblatt

This fourth variation of Keys to examining Media Messages provides a serious and qualitative method of media literacy research. Now up-to-date with conceptual adjustments, present examples, up-to-date references, and insurance of latest advancements in media— fairly in electronic, interactive forms—this ebook addresses all sorts of details disseminated through mass communication.

Organized into 3 sections, the ebook first provides a theoretical framework for the serious research of media textual content that covers the definition of media literacy in addition to basic rules and ideas. half II specializes in the appliance of this methodological framework to the research of advertisements, journalism, American political communications, and interactive media. half III considers particular mass media matters, reminiscent of violence within the media, media and kids, and international communications, and discusses results of getting a media-literate population.

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Moreover, although Russell is African American, the heroine of the series Process | 27 (Nikki) is white. At 53 years of age, Russell is many years removed from her own tween years. 8 Identifying the backgrounds of media communicators can also provide insight into the possible motives behind their contributions to a media presentation. To illustrate, the following polls and studies that appeared in newspapers and magazines were sponsored by groups that had a vested interest in their results: •• Americans believe the best learning and information source today is the Internet.

In the third person point of view, which commonly employs the pronouns “he,” “she,” or “they,” the author is privy to the thoughts and activities of this character but retains some critical distance and is therefore not accountable for the behavior for the character. •• The omniscient, or all-knowing, point of view enables the author to enter the heads of any and all of the characters, so that the reader has a comprehensive exposure to the people and events depicted in the work. This point of view is used frequently in journalism, which creates the appearance of objectivity in news coverage.

In the digital landscape, it is often difficult to ascertain whether there is a latent function behind a particular communication. Journalist Nick B ­ ilton provides the following example: Today, when celebrities and people with large followings on social networks promote a product or service, it’s often impossible to know if it’s an authentic plug or if they were paid to say nice things about it. Take Miley Cyrus, the 20-year-old pop star who was traveling around America last week promoting her new album.

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