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The forward currents at 1 volt lie in the range from 5 to 10 ma, an~l lH. C. Theuerer and J. H. Staff, “Heat Treatment of Germanium Rectifier Nfaterials,” NTDRC 14-506, Contract OEhfsr-1408, Bell Telephone I,aboratories, Aug 3, 1945. — ——.. i. 4] CIRCUIT 23 currents greater than 100 ma may be passed in the forward direction without impairing the rectifying contact. 9 presentsa set of characteristic curves fora typical silicon rectifier that show for a crystal of good quality the d-c current in the for!

The pigtail wires are mounted on fittings pressed onto the pins after assembly and adjustment of the cartridge. The present form of this cartridge is not necessarily the best one, but it was adopted because of lack of time to develop a better one. It is likely that an improved design will soon supersede it. 2. —These crystal cartridges have a stability comparable to that of other circuit components. Cartridges stored under tropical as well as normal conditions show no deterioration with time. The JAN specifications provide for a series of rigorous mechanical-design tests to insure long life under conditions that exist in actual applications and during handling.

The measllrcmcnt of such high-frequency properties is therefore also specified in a production test of the standard types to ensure satisfactory and uniform performance. A typical characteristic curve of a silicon rectifier unit is shown in Fig. 5. The current increases exponentially in the forlvard direction for a few tenths of a volt. As the current increases further, the curve approaches a straight line whose slope is determined by the spreading The forlvard resistance (see Sec. 4 and Chap. 4) in the semiconductor.

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