By James Lepowsky, John McKay, Michael P. Tuite

The subject of ''Monstrous Moonshine'' has been a tremendous improvement in arithmetic because 1979. starting with striking conjectures bearing on finite workforce thought and quantity idea that influenced an outpouring of recent principles, ''Monstrous Moonshine'' deeply comprises many various components of arithmetic, in addition to string conception and conformal box conception in physics. It has replaced the panorama of many fields.
This quantity involves 17 papers by way of examine leaders, in line with talks awarded at a workshop held to mark the anniversary of the ''Monstrous Moonshine'' conjectures. The papers, which come with surveys of many very important advancements, will supply the reader a view of a variety of present job and promising instructions for destiny examine

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Note that since m is even we do not have to deal with metaplectic coverings. 1) x∈V n (Q ) with g ∈ G(A) and h ∈ O(V )(A). We assume ϕ = ϕ∞ ⊗ ϕ f with ϕ∞ ∈ S(V n (R)) and ϕ f ∈ S(V n (A f )). g. [16]. 2) where dh is the invariant measure on O(V )(Q )\ O(V )(A) normalized to have total volume 1. By Weil’s convergence criterion [30], I (g, ϕ) is absolutely convergent if either V is anisotropic or if m − r > n + 1. , the dimension of a maximal isotropic subspace of V over Q. We set n(b) = 10 b1 for b a symmetric n × n matrix and m(a) = a0 t a0−1 for a ∈ GL(n).

Here we view vα α μ and vμ as independent variables. It can be also characterized as the space of symmetric -tensors in V which are orthogonal with respect to the induced inner product on Sym (V ) to vectors of the form r 2 w. Here w ∈ Sym −2 (V ) p 2 and r 2 denotes the multiplication with α=1 vα2 − m μ= p+1 vμ . Recall that we have Sym (V ) = H (V ) ⊕ r 2 Sym −2 (V ) as representations of O(V ). , ω(k)ϕq, = det(k)m/2+ ϕq, . 1) Here k is the element in U(1) corresponding to k ∈ SO(2) ⊂ Mp(1, R).

A natural extension of the Gaberdiel-Neitzke result would be a module spanning set satisfying a difference-one condition. This next result is a partial solution to this difference-one module spanning set question. 9. (cf. [Buh02]) For a C 2 -cofinite vertex operator algebra V and an irreducible N-gradable weak module M = n≥0 M(n), let X be a set of homogeneous representatives of a spanning set for the quotient space V /C2 (V ). Then M is spanned by the elements of the form (r ) u (1) n 1 · · · u nr w, where r ∈ N, u (1) , .

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