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Учебное пособие для снайперов спецподразделений ВМС США

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The Thin Green Line: An Assessment of DoD's Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative to Buffer Installation Encroachment

This monograph assesses the effectiveness of DoD's Readiness and Environmental safety Initiative to aid checking out and coaching installations take care of encroachment from sprawl and different assets. The authors establish the most reasons of encroachment; element the advantages, either to the army and native groups, of buffering components close to installations with REPI tasks; and supply options for the way to enhance REPI's effectiveness.

British Military Intelligence in the Crimean War, 1854-1856 (Cass Studies in Intelligence)

This can be a research of the British army intelligence operations through the Crimean conflict. It information the beginnings of the intelligence operations because of the British Commander, Lord Raglan's, want for info at the enemy, and strains the following improvement of the process.

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Geertz, Cultural Systems, and History: From Synchrony to Transformation,’’ Representations 59 (Special Issue: ‘‘The Fate of Culture: Geertz and Beyond’’; Summer 1997): 35–55. 17. Patrick Chabal and Jean-Pascal Daloz, Culture Troubles: Politics and the Interpretation of Meaning (London: Hurst, 2006). 18. Geertz, Interpretation of Cultures, 3–30, at 5, 14. 19. In the earlier essays gathered in Interpretation of Cultures, apart from another famous one, ‘‘Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight,’’ Geertz pays a good deal of homage to Talcott Parsons and Piotr Sorokin, both social theorists who sought to incorporate culture into explanatory theory.

51 This laconic account understates the significance of the achievements. Li Mu and Sima Shang, Zhao’s last capable generals, had recently inflicted heavy casualties on Qin’s armies when they successfully repelled several Qin onslaughts. They were eliminated by ‘‘making generous gifts of gold to Zhao’s favored ministers and employing them as turned agents who claimed that Li Mu and Sima Shang wanted to betray Zhao and join Qin in order to receive generous fiefs. Becoming suspicious, the king had them replaced before executing Li Mu and exiling Sima Shang.

The admonition to know the enemy is the chief reason that the Art of War serves as a crucial inspiration for cyber warfare practitioners. 10. ’’ 11. ’’ An eclectic work traditionally attributed to the great Spring and Autumn governmental adviser Guan Zhong, the Guanzi was probably composed during the fourth and third centuries bce. 12. ’’ The chapter’s title refers to undertaking these calculations in the temple, as in Sunzi’s time, and the text quotes heavily from Art of War passages referring to them.

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