By Charles Thorpe

In this e-book, the writer attracts on Karl Marx’s writings on alienation and Erich Fromm’s perception of necrophilia so as to comprehend those facets of latest tradition as expressions of the domination of the dwelling by means of the lifeless less than capitalism. Necroculture is the ideological mirrored image and fabric manifestation of this simple function of capitalism: the guideline of lifeless capital over dwelling exertions. the writer argues that necroculture represents the subsumption of the area via vampire capital.

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With one’s Amazon phone, what one senses one is able to have, by purchasing it in the informational ether. 147 Technological mediation allows the individual to distance himself or herself from material reality, encountering it, but not being present in it. This form of technological removal of self from world operates in warfare to enable dispassionate killing at a distance. It allows killers to feel absolved of responsibility for the act in which they are involved as mere cogs in a bureaucratic machine.

The reduction of the productivity of nature to a stock of resources for exploitation finds its parallel in the reduction of human productivity to energy in the service of capital. Human need, desire, and culture are reduced to “demand,” to be surveilled, quantified, processed, and manipulated within the apparatus of corporate marketing, advertising, and public relations. Living diversity is reduced to standardized, manageable quantities. Treated as a quantity of dead matter, the world becomes that.

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