By Herb Cohen

Together with his vast negotiating event and particular presentation variety, Herb Cohen is the world over well known as a person who can quick snatch each side of a subject and get the main for his consumer out of a tricky negotiation. His recommendation? basic, says Herb, I carebut no longer that a lot! In NEGOTIATE THIS!buoyed by means of his signature funny and self-deprecating styleHerb Cohen explains how readers can study strong but refined negotiating ploys to aid them of their companies, careers, or even relatives relationships. As Herb says, Negotiation is the sport of lifestyles.

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Copyright © 2003 by Herb Cohen All rights reserved. com. ” 6: Lend Me a Hand 7: Attuned to the Music 8: Abracadabra 9: A Hollywood Exegesis 10: An Attention Grabber 11: Axioms From Above 12 : Bargaining With a Bastard 13: The Road Less Traveled 14: Negotiating with the Almighty Chapter III: Playing The Game 1: Style Supersedes Substance 2: The Way of the Gipper 3: An Outsider’s View 4: Less is More 5: All’s Right with the World 6 : Equality—Valued or Tainted? 7: The Optimum Style Chapter IV: A Mixed-Motive Game 1: Labeling Is Disabling 2: Dial M for Money 3: It Ain’t Necessarily So 4: When You’re Up to Your Neck in Alligators, It’s Easy to Forget That Your Original Objective Was to Drain the Swamp 5: Say Cheese 6: Believing is Seeing 7: A Dynamic of Dual Desires 8: A Problem-Solving Process 9: Can’t Anybody Here Play This Game Chapter V: A Bargaining Formula 1: Setting Objectives 2: Making How Concessions 3: Open With Commonality 4: The Titanic Principle 5: The Ping-Pong Table Theory of Life 6: Broadening The Gauge 7: The Vail Condo 8: Make ’Em Work 9: You Owe Me an Apology 10: Closing the Deal Chapter VI: The Perceptual TIP 1: Perception is Reality 2: The Personal Pimple Principle Chapter VII: Time and Timing 1: The Deadline Rule 2: Deadlines Precipitate Action 3: Inducing Concession Making 4: Deadlines Are Not Always Draconian 5: The Other Side Always Has a Deadline 6: Where Deadlines Are Not Equivalent 7: Where Deadlines Appear Identical 8: Patience Generally Pays 9: Remain Calm and Cool Under Fire Chapter VIII: Information 1: Don’t Wait for the Starter’s Gun 2: Mapping Prior to the Formal Event 3: The Blessing of Giving 4: The Satisfaction Prescription 5: Expecting Little Diminishes Disappointment 6: Delusions About Dissatisfaction 7: Getting Information 8: Barriers to Obtaining Information 9: The Procuring Principles Chapter IX: Power 1: Defining Power 2: Perceiving May Be Deceiving 3: Power—Neutral and Often Neglected 4: You Gotta Believe Chapter X: Sources of Power 1: Competition—Options 2: Legitimacy 3: Risking 4: Commitment 5: Persuasive Capacity 6: A Gaming Attitude 7: Expertise 8: Knowledge of Needs 9: Investment 10: Rewarding or Punishing 11: Identification 12: Morality 13: Precedent 14: Persistence 15: A Concluding Point About Power Chapter XI: Negotiating This .

But we must guard against this inclination. Such “mirror imaging” or projection on our part will only produce discomfort and discord. Recognizing this problem, common sense might tell us that when engaged in any attempt to influence behavior we must start out asking more questions than giving answers and listening more than talking. Needless to say, too many people cannot resist the urge to immediately inaugurate the discourse with a generic sales pitch that extols the technical features of their services, products, ideas, or proposals.

When I first heard that I didn’t even know what he was talking about. But then I sort of figured it out and it struck me that the President and I may have been from that religious tradition, but not the mullahs. Resisting the inclination to get sidetracked, I continued. “Okay, let’s look at Americans. ” Without waiting for the answer I blurted out, “Yes, it’s a residential home. ” Again acting as if this was a rhetorical question I moved on. “Indubitably we look for the big sign in the sky. You know the one that’s 150 feet up there that says in big block numbers $179,226.

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