By Christopher Vine, Nelson Institute (Nelson, N.Z.)

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Near the spot where this fivebranched lamppost now stands in the centre of Nelson, its prototype also shone until an untimely investigation to find the source of a"gas leak caused an explosion and the destruction of both lamppost and workman. In the new-found interest in Nelson's past, a replica has been put up which must be a rare instance of a memorial using another memorial as a prototype. It need hardly be said that in the reconstruction it was needful to use a computer. How long before we require these to hel p us tie our shoe laces?

A few weather-beaten hulls sinking quietly the mud stir the imagination of some and seem merely an eyesore to others. The Janie Seddon off the old Motueka Wharf has drawn criticism from the tidy minded, yet to others, including me, it gives an added spice to the scene. The Venture, now only a rib or two, at Awaroa, is a reminder of the boatbuilding skills of the Hadfields who were pioneers here. Closer to Nelson, an iron skeleton rusts near Queen Elizabeth Drive. I'm told this was a Turkish pontoon, involved in an abortive crossing of the Suez Canal and brought back as a trophy from the First World War.

Last, but anything but least, the brick and stucco Parklands School in Motueka's High Street is a shining example of giving education its position of importance. There's a great deal for pomp here - it contrasts particularly with the adjacent commercial buildings which mostly do not make much visual impact at all. Country schools at the tum of the century had a liking it seems for the semicircular Window. l1ou Stanley Brook, Wakefield and Waimea West are instances, a small sop to the idea that the absolutely functional left something out.

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