By Charles Fort

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Publish yr note: First released in 1973

There are many books that inform of sightings of ghosts, extraterrestrial beings, and weird animals. yet Charles Fort's New Lands may be the one ebook within which entire continents, geographies, and, certainly, planetary structures themselves are noticeable within the comparable doubtful twilight of notion.

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But we shall have an English instance of the ways in which Astronomy maintains itself and controls those who say they see that which the “should” not see, which does seem beefy. One turns the not very attractive-looking pages of the English Mechanic, 1893, casually, perhaps, at any rate in no expectations of sensations—glaring at one, a sketch of such a botanico-pathologic monstrosity as a musk melon with rows of bunions on it (English Mechanic, Oct. 20, 1893). , Kilmarnock, Scotland, that this enormity is the planet Jupiter, according to the speculum of his Gregorian telescope.

They remind me too much 40 of uplifters and grocers, philanthropists, expert accountants, makers of treaties, characters in international conferences, psychic researchers, biologists. The astronomers seem to me about as capitalists seem to socialists, and about as socialists seem to capitalists, or about as Presbyterians seem to Baptists; as Democrats seem to Republicans, or as artists of one school seem to artists of another school. If the basic fallacies, or the absence of base, in every specialization of thought can be seen by the units of its opposition, why then we see that all supposed foundations in our whole existence are myths, and that all discussion and supposed progress are the conflicts of phantoms and the overthrow of old delusions by new delusions.

1848-107). The astronomers had predicted the return of the great comet in the year 1848. In Monthly Notices, April, 1847, Mr. ” 36 Accepting Prof. Mädler’s determinations, he predicted that the comet would return to position nearest the sun, about the end of February, 1848. No comet. The astronomers explained. I don’t know what the mind of an astronomers looks like, but I think of a fizzle with excuses revolving around it. A writer in the American Journal of Science, 2-9-442, explains excellently.

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