By Harjeet Singh Gill

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13) the devotees worship the Lord the Sovereign and the Creator of the universe those who pretend austerities and abstentions those who indulge in all kinds of crass live in greed and lust in dirt and dust with the Word of the Guru the devotees discern His truth they live in divine refuge ! (14) NĀNAK BĀNĪ a renunciant is he who has renounced all greed and lust who is beyond all hunger and thirst who leads a simple life of the devotee of the Lord who resonates with His love and devotion who escapes the eternal cycle of birth and death Nānak, a renunciant is he who has shed all perversion and passion who spends his life in meditation and reflection !

18) bereft of the Word of the Guru bereft of His grace it is all clever chat, it is all bragging and barking Nānak, with good deeds and devotion there is right reflection, there is divine perception ! (19) 653 654 NĀNAK BĀNĪ Nānak, the devotee prepares the garland of the flowers of love and devotion with the thread of reflection and the hymns of cosmic vision she offers her love and affection ! (20) before the spring season there is the spring of my sublime Love who is the cause of all life who is the source of all light !

1) NĀNAK BĀNĪ the being follows her desires, her dreams she continues to discern and differentiate the right from the wrong the sins from sufferance pride and prejudice linger and the being remains hungry and thirsty only the truth of the True Lord brings serenity and tranquillity body and mind, wealth and women lead the being astray bereft of meditation and reflection this world is a flimsy projection all indulgence, all luxuries end in ashes, end in dust bereft of the Word of the Guru it is all dirt, all dejection 665 666 NĀNAK BĀNĪ all music, all dance all steps, all pretence are false, are sterile acts dualities and divisions lead the being astray with the Word of the Guru there is solace, there is stay with ceremonial robes and religious costumes the priests read Vedas and present learned discourses they are deluded in māyā they are intoxicated with the heady wine of pride bereft of His will, His bliss there is no reflection, no light those who are estranged from the Guru are born as animals, as the lowest of lowest beasts they are stuck in the eternal cycle of birth and death they are subjected to damnation, to His wrath NĀNAK BĀNĪ with the Word of the Guru there is the treasure of reflection there is serenity, there is sublimation there is honour, there is reception in His will there is eternal salvation with the grace of the Guru the devotee acquires His perception she lives in His will she resonates with His presence she crosses the threshold of anguish and pain those who live in His will live in His bliss they meditate and reflect on His sublime truth they live in His divine refuge !

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