By Samuel R. Delany

The stability of galactic energy within the thirty first century revolves round Illyrion, the main important power resource within the universe. the numerous and unique group who check in with Captain Lorq van Ray be aware of their challenge is risky, they usually quickly examine that they're considering a perilous race with the charismatic yet vicious chief of an opposing area federation. yet they've got no inspiration of Lorq's mystery obsession: to assemble Illyrion at resource by way of flying in the course of the very middle of an imploding superstar.

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It was like the universe was torn and all day raging through. I wouldn't go off sensory input. I wouldn't look away. All the colors you could think of were there, blotting the night. And finally the shock waves: the walls sang! Magnetic inductance oscillated over our ship, nearly rattled us apart. But then it was too late. " He sat back in his chair. "I'm blind, boy. But with a funny kind of blindness; I can see you. I'm deaf; but if you talked to me, I could understand most of what you said. " His hand went flat on the Mouse's cheek.

The leather had grown sweaty on his skin. Good weather? He would have romped down the back-street shortcut but this: he kept to the main way, taking some protection from the monorail. He pushed his way among the businessmen, the students, the porters. A sledge rumbled on the cobbles. The Mouse took a chance and swung up on the yellow running board. The driver grinned— gold-flecked crescent in a brown face— and let him stay. Ten minutes later, heart still hammering, the Mouse swung off and ducked through the courtyard of New Mosque.

At 296 or thereabouts, however, the stability begins to go up again. At three hundred we're back to a half-life measurable in tenths of a second, and five or six above that and we've started a whole new series of elements with respectable half-lives back in the millions of years. These elements have immense nuclei, and are very rare. But as far back as 1950, hyperons had been discovered, elementary particles bigger than protons and neutrons. These are the particles that carry the binding energies holding together these super nuclei, as ordinary mesons hold together the nucleus in more familiar elements.

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