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Reactor iately associated the is and shows section 409-0" =,,ones also facing to 18 shown Buildlng at plan ventilation B-4 parallel Figures shows plus B-5, and Building views confinement and at the 0t-O" level The 109-N plan B-3 at Building. B-8. and Figure 14t-6" 105-N and B-5. B-2 Similarly, the i. 10 Vol occupies left* house a central and the right of horizontal location the in reactor control and the are 105-N the safety Building. inner rods, Immed- and outer rod rod drives and equipment. *All reference8 to facing the reactor left and "front" right are made from or charging face.

Cooled to rear. There array Ucells" will Ins wlre fIux throush the monitors active Ball liners will 98 non-replaceable these of are are provided which run thermocoupZe8 In cooled planes at the points are block in a three zone. run from the parallel quarter in filler active _n- distributed thermocouples positioned the flve support the packing throush which thermocouples vertical planes monitors tubes are of These typical coolln8 has 14 non-replaceable be 25 flux In moderator as positions stringers stringer in three The other and uncooled Each Eighty-four filler from front be used thermocouple the core.

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