By Saree Makdisi, Alice Walker

"A compelling account . . . and a reminder precise peace should be outfitted simply on justice."—Desmond M. TutuTending one's fields, vacationing a relative, going to the health facility: for usual Palestinians, such actions require negotiating allows and passes, curfews and closures, "sterile roads" and "seam zones"—bureaucratic hurdles eventually as lethal as outright army incursion. In Palestine inside of Out, Saree Makdisi attracts on eye-opening records, educational histories, UN reviews, and modern journalism to bare how the "peace process" institutionalized Palestinians' lack of keep watch over over their internal and outer lives—and argues powerfully and convincingly for a one-state answer.

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And He has stated that teaching witchcraft is kufr and that it is harmful and not beneficial, so we must beware of it. ” Then He says, “but they could not thus harm anyone except by Allaah’s Leave” so it is known that it is kufr and misguidance, and that the practitioners of witchcraft cannot harm anyone except by Allaah’s Leave. , that which He prescribes and which pleases Him) – because Allaah has not prescribed this and has not given permission for it in His sharee’ah; rather He has forbidden it and stated that it is kufr and is from the teachings of the devils.

It is a da’eef (weak) hadeeth, for Makhool did not hear anything from Abu’lDardaa’. See Takhreej Ihyaa ‘Uloom al-Deen, 4/191. 49 It was also narrated by Abu Na’eem in al-Hilyah (6/5) from the report of Mujaahid from Ka’b al-Ahbaar. And he narrated it in 6/37 from the report of Qutaadah from Ka’b al-Ahbaar. , his hadeeth is not accepted]. Abu Zar’ah said: he used to tell lies. , a liar whose hadeeth is not to be accepted). Al-Azdi said: his hadeeth is to be rejected and is not valid, and he was accused of lying.

Moreover, the saheeh ahaadeeth indicate that it is not allowed to recite Qur’aan when prostrating, so the hadeeth is also weak from the point of view of its text. It is not 20 permissible to act upon it because it is not saheeh (sound) and because it contradicts the saheeh ahaadeeth. And Allaah is the Source of strength. Al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah li’l-Buhooth al-‘Ilmiyyah wa’lIfta’, 6/439. ” Is this hadeeth saheeh or not?. Answer: Praise be to Allaah. This hadeeth is fabricated. It was quoted by al-Shawkaani (may Allaah have mercy on him) in al-Fawaa’id al-Majmoo’ah fi’l-Ahaadeeth alMawdoo’ah (p.

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