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A Broader Mission for Liberal Education. Baccalaureate Address, Delivered in Agricultural College ... North Dakota [FACSIMILE]

Prime quality FACSIMILE copy: Worst, John H. (John Henry): A Broader challenge For Liberal schooling. Baccalaureate deal with, introduced In Agricultural university . .. North Dakota : Facsimile: initially released via Agricultural collage, N. D in 1901? . ebook can be published in black and white, with grayscale pictures.

Perspectives on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering: In Honour of Prof. Kenji Ishihara

This booklet bargains a wide standpoint on very important issues in earthquake geotechnical engineering and offers experts and those who are concerned with learn and alertness a extra complete realizing in regards to the a variety of issues. inclusive of eighteen chapters written through authors from the main seismic energetic areas of the realm, akin to united states, Japan, Canada, Chile, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Taiwan, and Turkey, the publication displays various perspectives referring to the best way to verify and reduce earthquake harm.

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I, and sold by Messrs. Rouse & Co. i. The advantages of jellies over cocoa-butter suppositories are : 1. The jelly does not smell. 2. It is non-greasy. 3. It preserves the rubber of the cap, whereas fat deteriorates rubber. 4. It seals up any microscopic holes in the cap. 5. It can easily be applied by smearing the jelly round the rim and on the upper surface of the cap before insertion. Whenever there is special need to avoid impregnation, use the jelly in the way described when inserting the cap, and just before connection insert an effervescing tablet in the passage (below the cap) in accordance with directions enclosed.

Douche next morning (or earlier), remove rubber pessary, wash and dry it and put it away slightly powdered. 3. Daily. Cultivate in yourself and in the members of your household habits o f sexual cleanliness. Wash and be clean. A p p l y this to all the openings of the body, but in particular to the vagina, urethra and anus, which should all be cleansed night and morning. , and 4. Always remember that the spread of this kind of knowledge has been made possible b y the long 1 1 If effervescing tablet is being used instead of cocoa-butter suppository, insert this below rubber pessary and immediately before connection.

A medical friend writes me :— " In cattle the bacillus abortus causes certain abortion without seemingly affecting the general health of the mother in any way—the foetus is simply expelled. " In the absence of better control than we at present possess, the alternative some women seek is abortion. Self-inflicted abortion is an antisocial and highly dangerous practice, and it should never be attempted. Abortion is illegal excepting when done in medically suitable cases, and the consent of two doctors is required, preferably three.

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