By William J. J. Rey

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Allow the above expansion. The one hand, of g(x) g(x) e(x 2 f ( ~ ) 8) g(x) has to be d i f f e r e n t i a b l e On the approximation function = e + t I +-Z by the We support these point of the critical On the a very poor "'" everywhere limiting scheme, a differentiable presentation. may mean dx ÷ d2 is a p a r t l y 9 ÷ function, other hand, convergence open I, or an is sufficient a fairly of the to rough Taylor-like remarks. derivation is the continuity of the second . term in the implicit g(~) is met with, equation the with respect to ~I" as a f u n c t i o n a discontinuous integral f Z ¢(u - v' e[) g(~) seen When of e I, is d i s c o n t i n u o u s u=v'_ d~, at each e I such that e_1 with = Note the parameter have (u, ~')' discontinuities space smoothed by of the a set these : discontinuity integral of h y p e r p l a n e s discontinuities; of g(~).

Multipliers scalar of the and (F-ID) f(u) has a continuous ~(u - e). Then, be d i s t i n g u i s h e d are not binding. are, three in Then we subsets. k3k_; Y = ~41 k2 F = 0 D F I_ - ~,i ! or $(u - o) = x 2 [ ( a / a u ) in f(u)] - ~I with [¢(u - 0)] 2 ,~ Bv and - ~(u - Type 2 : in subsets where the C3k e) > o . convexity = O, criterion Chl < 0 and $(u - 0) = constant with [~,(u - 0)]2 < By. is b i n d i n g , we h a v e 87 - Type 3 : in t h e criterion remaining is b i n d i n g . subsets of the sample space, the robustness Thus c41 = 0, C3k < 0 ~(u - e) = ± ~ B V .

The fact that writing observation u is; u and ~ are commodity. one Both assembled ~i may be outlying should v has been correspond reviewed in the are c o n c e r n e d as well with the by Hill (1977) script at the because other. level than situation as Ypelaar a and an ~ is abnormal The as well ~ is more same as because of outlying and V e l l e m a n (1977). As p r e v i o u s l y , mathematical we observe rule of m i n i m i z a t i o n characterization of the is an i n c r e a s i n g function seen as a way inadequacy statistical partly where linear the there of emphasis (1971), is a "natural" This emphasis is u n d e r l y i n g what it should (1976) be) state possibility to be concerns.

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