By John D. Marks

"The CIA exposé to finish all CIA exposés." ―New York

A 'Manchurian Candidate' is an unwitting murderer brainwashed and programmed to kill. during this booklet, former kingdom division officer John Marks tells the explosive tale of the CIA's hugely mystery software of experiments in brain keep an eye on. His interest first aroused through info on a complicated suicide. Marks labored from millions of pages of newly published files in addition to interviews and behavioral technology experiences, generating a booklet that 'accomplished what Senate committees couldn't' (Senator Edward Kennedy).

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At the end of a memo laying out this information, Allen noted that portable, battery-driven electroshock machines had come on the market. * Similarly, the Security office planned to use outside consultants to find out about such techniques as ultrasonics, vibrations, concussions, high and low pressure, the uses of various gases in airtight chambers, diet variations, caffeine, fatigue, radiation, heat and cold, and changing light. Agency officials looked into all these areas and many others. Some they studied intensively; others they merely discussed with consultants.

Michael Burke, who was chief of CIA covert operations in Germany before going on to head the New York Yankees and Madison Square Garden, agrees: "It was riveting. . " BLUEBIRD and the CIA's later mind-control programs sprang from such alarm. As a matter of course, the CIA was also required to learn the methods and intentions of all possible foes. "If the CIA had not tried to find out what the Russians were doing with mind-altering drugs in the early 1950s, I think the then-Director should have been fired," says Ray Cline, a former Deputy Director of the Agency.

Most academics wanted no part of the game at this stage—nor did Agency men always like having these outsiders around. If academic and medical consultants were brought along for the terminal phase, they usually did the work overseas, in secret. " Any professional caught trying the kinds of things the Agency came to sponsor—holding subjects prisoner, shooting them full of unwanted drugs— probably would have been arrested for kidnapping or aggravated assault. Certainly such a researcher would have been disgraced among his peers.

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